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Training for 10K: How To Run A 10K

This distance is all about rhythm and patience. What you need to do is get into a good rhythm for the first half and wait for the second half to let rip.

Build up speed as you go, gradually getting faster as you cover the first 5 kays. Do not get out of breath at this early stage of the race, you will definitively pay for it later.

Do not bolt from the starting line like a racehorse, you will get tired quickly and your race will be over before you know it.

You need to be aware of your splits per kay, but don’t get into a panic and start looking at your watch every couple of seconds.

Although it’s not easy to make up too much time at the end, you will accelerate and will be able to make up some time.

Try and sit behind someone who is running at your pace, focus on relaxing and conserving energy. If you are running into the wind use the person in front of you to slipstream, thereby conserving energy.

Then when the second half arrives you will be ready to turn it on and cruise to a personal best.

If possible you should try and drive the route before you race it. This will give you an idea of when you can accelerate or when a hilly section is coming so that you van conserve energy.

No matter how tired you are after the race, make sure that you get in a cool down run, even for just a few minutes. This is to shake the lactic acid out of your legs, and bounce back quicker for your next run.

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