Run a Marathon with The Right Mindset

The marathon mindset to run a marathon

Okay, so your ready to run a marathon you’ve done all the training, you’re feeling good – there’s about a week to go before you run your marathon. Now is the time to focus.

Whether this is your first marathon or one of many a marathon should be treated with respect!

Twenty six miles is a long way to run. You need to think about the distance and have a plan on how you are going to tackle it. It is important to have a back-up plan as sometimes the first plan hits the wall when you do!

If you have a route map of the race or have a general idea of the area, visualize it. Think about how to get up the hills, how are you going to feel at that really nasty spot at around 22 miles (there always is one). Picture yourself running, enjoying every moment of the race.

Talk about your race to a partner or friend. If you are feeling apprehensive try and discover the reason. Just remember, you need to trust your training program – it will get you through! Try not to schedule anything too stressful for the week before the race – no client presentations, board meetings or parent- teacher conferences if possible.

Try also not to do anything too strenuous during the day. If you are a woman, wear lower heels to give your legs a bit of a rest.When you stand at the start line remember the plan you have devised during the week and stick to it.

If you fall behind schedule or the plan isn’t working move to plan B. Finish the race! The satisfaction and triumph you will feel at the end far outweighs the aches and pains during the race. You have done it! You are a special person – a marathon runner!

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