Benefits Of Running: Weight Loss, Fitter, Healthier, Stronger Body

The Benefits Of Running

The benefits of running are many

I am going to start with the physical benefits of running, there are many more but here are the most important ones

  • Weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, (which translates to you looking hot.)
  • Improved cardiovascular health ie. stronger lungs
  • An increase in muscle mass, just take a look at a runners legs they are muscular and defined
  • An increase in bone density, the impact of running builds bone density which becomes more important the older you get
  • Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, like heart attacks and reduces your chances of having a stroke
  • Running can also slow down the aging process
  • What about the psychological benefits

    Runners High, I have come across many runners who have experienced an elated or euphoric state while running. I guess it must exist or there wouldn’t be a term for it.

    If I had to describe my top running experiences, I would say it was a feeling of being able to run effortlessly and just feeling really good as I was doing it.
    I am sure though that all of you will agree that you generally feel good after a run.

    Some people say running is addictive, I agree. Once you are running on a regular basis it actually feels strange not to run regularly.(if that doesn’t make sense you need to run more regularly!!)

    Here are a couple of benefits that are not so obvious. Go and check them out especially the last one…..

    benefits of jogging.

    Your running time is time for yourself, a break from the daily grind and a chance to unwind and de-stress. Check out this article on

    and why exercise is so important to combat the effects of the stressful lifestyle we all lead today.

    Running is also frequently recommended for people with depression and people coping with drug addiction, that’s how good it is for you.

    All of these benefits don’t just happen. It takes time to get into shape. Run consistently, build your mileage slowly. Who knows It’s just possible that you experience a “runners high” at some stage while running.

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