Free Running Log To Track Progress And Stay Motivated

A running log is not just used to tally up the miles you have run to make sure you have reached your weekly mileage, their are many other benefits to using one.

Every runner is different

Not everybody will want to record all this information, however here are a few guidelines of what should be going into your log. Experiment with a few options to see what works best.

Keeping a running log will go a long way to keeping you motivated. As you progress through your training you will see your progress in black and white.

You can then also make changes to your training schedule based on your log.

Day and date

Self explanatory

Training route

Enter your route, develop names for your routes and their distance. eg. Jones rd.10k

Details of session

Long slow distance (lsd), fartlek, intervals, hills ect.

Time and distance

When you start out it’s more important to record the time you spend running, don’t worry about how far you have gone.


Record how many hours sleep you have the night before, you will be amazed at how this impacts on your running.


Weigh yourself when you wake up, be careful if you continuously loose weight day after day you may be over doing it.

Pulse rate

Take your pulse as you wake in the morning, if your pulse rate climbs on consecutive days you may be going to hard so keep an eye on it.

Enjoyment/Fatigue scale

Rate your run; sluggish, relaxed, hard, enjoyable ect.


Note anything that made your run different.

Here is a link to a good online runners log. It’s very easy to use,

just register and you will be good to go.

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