Women Running Tips

Women running have probably noticed that men run faster than women, and that women run differently to men. And although he can beat you in a sprint, you can keep up with him over the longer distances.

Woman’s running has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. This is due to women recognizing that running is an excellent way to keep your weight stable.

Research shows that men and women adapt to training in the same way, so why is your performance not the same?

The major differences between male and female runners is:

body fat

The average woman’s body weight is 25 percent body fat, while the males is 15 percent.

Another difference is in the way males and females are built.

Males have wide shoulders, narrow hips and pelvis which is more suited to running than a woman’s wide-hipped, narrow shouldered frame.

women also have less muscle than men

Approximately 23 percent of a woman’s body is muscle compared to a mans 40 percent.

Men also are able to consume more oxygen

The average adult male has more red blood cells than an adult women, the larger amount of red blood cells allows the male to absorb and utilize the oxygen in these cells more efficiently than the female. For this reason women should take an iron supplement when running.

Of course all these differences can be managed with training and you will find that a highly trained women will finish in the top 2 to 3 percent of a mixed sex race.

All of the above facts suggest that men will always be able to run faster than women, and so far that’s a reality. In the last decade however woman’s records have been tumbling at a massive rate, while mens records have been broken occasionally and not by big amounts.

Does that mean that women will one day run as fast as men, or maybe even faster, only time will tell.

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