Mens Running Shorts, Get The Perfect Pair

Buy the perfect pair of mens running shorts, the 8 point plan

I know I battle to find shorts that don’t ride up or chafe me to pieces, so use these tips when next you go shopping for shorts and get the perfect shorts.

Make your run as comfortable as possible, use these 8 tips to get the perfect pair of running shorts.

When do you run? If at night go for brighter colors with reflective panels for visibility. It’s no good wearing the latest style only to get run over.

Do you live in a high-sweat region? I mean a place with high humidity, go for breathable fabrics instead of absorbent ones. The aim is to stay dry and not collect moisture that will irritate you while you run and eventually chafe you raw.

Body shape It’s all about being comfortable, if you are hippy go for a longer length pair of shorts that will round off your figure instead of accentuating it. Slimmer runners can get away with anything.

Waist Put your whole hand down the side of your shorts. If they slide in easily, you’ve got a comfortable fit. Rather buy shorts that are looser around the waist rather than tighter because they’ll begin to dig in after a while on the road.

Colors Darker colors work better on light skin and light colors work better on darker skin, as simple as that.

Weight The bigger you are the darker color shorts you should wear, whether you are light skinned or not. Black makes you look slimmer.

Leg chafe Check that the two legs of the shorts don’t sag below your thighs, otherwise they will ride up between your legs and cause an annoying rub. Make sure the pants cover the area where chafing is most likely to occur.

Try them on Look at yourself in the mirror. Swivel, twist, bend and run in them. Remember comfort is king and everything else is secondary.

Never go out and buy a pair of running shorts and then immediately race in them. Wear them a few times first on training runs to make sure they aren’t going to be uncomfortable or start chafing you.

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