Treadmill Workouts Expert Tips

Make Your Treadmill Workouts A Pleasure With These Top Tips

Treadmill workouts are a great alternative for runners when the weather turns nasty or it’s just not safe to run outside.There is no substitute for running on the road, however you can get a decent workout on a treadmill by following these simple tips:

  • Don’t make the incline to steep Set the inclination at 1 or 2, a gentle inclination simulates running on the road. If the incline is too steep (above 5) it may lead to calf injuries or Achilles tendon. Try not to run at the same inclination for your entire workout.
  • Make sure you warm up Run or walk for about 5 minutes depending on how cold it is, once your muscles feel warm up your pace slowly. Of course it’s just as important to warm down once you have finished, again spend about 5 minutes jogging slowly to get your heart rate down. This will also stop you feeling dizzy or still moving when you get off.
  • Don’t hold onto the rails or console while running The rails are there to only help you get on and off the treadmill. While running on the treadmill try and run using the same form you would on the road, keep your arms bent at 90 degrees and relax the shoulders.Try not to lean forward, feep your body as upright as possible. Try not to look down, i know it’s difficult you want to see how far
  • Check your stride Keep your stride as quick and short as possible, and make sure you strike the mat with sole of your foot. The more steps you can take in a minute the better, count how many times your foot strikes the mat in one minute and the work towards doubling that. Doing this will also make you faster on the road.
  • Take in fluids regularly You sweat a lot more running on a readmill than you would on the road since there’s no breeze to cool you down. Keep a water bottle close by and drink often.
  • Listen to music I think one of the biggest drawbacks of treadmill workouts is that they are incredibly boring. Load your I pod with some upbeat tunes to combat this.

Bear in mind that running on a treadmill can not replace running on the road, road running should always be your first choice if possible. Personally i don’t enjoy treadmill workouts, however it’s better to train on a treadmill than not at all

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