Running Shorts And Other Apparel, Tips And Advice To Get The Right Gear

In order to run comfortably a runner need the following basic running gear

A few pairs of running shorts

These should be made of Supplex nylon this will make your run comfortable as they will hang and will not stick to sweaty skin. Have a look at my

8 point plan to buy the perfect pair of running shorts.

When buying shorts check what pockets they have (if any ). You may need to carry car keys with you, or on longer runs a couple of gels. Check that the pockets will stay closed, imagine losing your car key during a race!!!

A few short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts

When buying running shirts make sure you get a mesh top.

Usually these tops are made from polyester, and they have wicking agents on them to move the sweat to the outside of the shirt so that it can evaporate.

Try not to wear cotton, especially in winter as it will get wet and stick to you making you cold.

A pair of tights or pants

Here you will only really use longs in winter, it’s more comfortable to run in running shorts.

Unless you live somewhere extremely cold all year round. The choice is yours, however I have found running in tights to be better than track pants. Tights keep you warmer, they don’t flap around and you move easier.

A lightweight, breathable, and windproof jacket

You will need one of these when the weather turns nasty. A jacket is a must if you are going to go out in the rain (get a treadmill) but if you must, get a bright, reflective jacket.

running gloves

Mostly running gloves are made of cotton. One of the first things to get cold will be your hands and once they are cold their is no way of heating them up while running.

A hat or cap

Your choice, a hat is good to keep the sun off your neck, however i find a running cap to be the best. In summer you need head gear to keep the sun off your head and in winter to keep heat in. About 40 percent of your body heat is lost through your head.

Running socks have come a long way in the last couple of years. you get socks for pronators, seamless socks, different thicknesses, the range is huge. Find ones that work for you and stick to them. I have also noticed people in running stockings, they are supposed to provide extra support.

Reflective running gear

You want to make yourself as visible as possible when running at night or early in the morning. Get a reflective belt or vest and stay away from busy roads.


First of all they look cool, but more importantly you will be a lot more relaxed without the sun in your eyes. It’s energy sapping to have to squint all the time while running.

Ipod or mp3 player

Running with music
can be great, it takes your mind off being tired and generally makes for a better running experience. Looking for music or an Ipod check out Amazon.

A few more tips

When going out for a run in winter be careful not to put too much clothing on, as you run you are going to heat up. Rather feel slightly cold as you head out the door.

Use a lip balm, preferably one that has sunblock in. Use sunblock on all your exposed parts, even if it’s overcast you will still burn.

For the guys, on longer runs you may want to smear an anti-chafing cream between your legs and put a plaster or piece of tape across your nipples. A rash from your running shorts or shirt in any of these areas is extremely painful.

Make your run as comfortable as possible, once you start getting tired on those long runs the last thing you need is something to start irritating you.

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