Top Running Shoes – What makes a good one

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I parted ways with my top running shoes an old love of mine a week ago, it was tough and I had a lump in my throat. The time had come to part ways and something new was looming.

We’d had a long and very intimate relationship, and shared many great experiences. We created memories together; and laughed and cried together on many occasions.

But I knew that our time was up, things just weren’t as comfortable anymore, I was beginning to sense a few niggles and frankly there was something new on the horizon.

The moment of truth had arrived; I stood in front of my cupboard ready to end it all.

I noticed the scuff marks of many runs, some off road. The faded upper that had soaked up many liters of sweat from fast time trials. The soles were worn down completely and the cushioning that just wasn’t there anymore.

They had been one of the best pairs of running shoes I had ever owned. I owed some of the best moments of my running career to them and now I had to build up the courage to throw them out.

As yet I had never thrown out a pair of running shoes, they just took up residence in a secondary cupboard waiting for the day that I finally got up enough courage to throw them out. Today was the day.

It was tough; it would be like I had forgotten how good they were to me. But I had to do it, so out they went with a lump in the throat.

But they say the best way to get over an old pair of shoes is to get into a new pair. And yes it’s early days but I’m beginning to like them already.

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