Proper Fitting Running Shoes Will Enhance Your Running Experience

When Fitting Running Shoes Use My Tips Below To Get It Right

When fitting running shoes here are a few points to consider:

  • Take your old shoes with you, the wear on your shoe will tell the salesperson a lot about the way you run. They can then recommend shoes from this information.

    Of course you will need to go to a respectable running store to find people who have this knowledge.

  • Take the same socks that you intend running in. Not the actual ones, but the same make and design
  • Go shopping for shoes in the afternoon. As you run your feet swell and generally they will be at their largest late in the day.
  • Never wear your running shoes for anything else but running, they will last longer.

    Try not to wear you running at all except for running, they are expensive and you want them to last for as long as possible.

Now on to the actual fit of the shoe

  • Generally your running shoe will be one size bigger than your normal shoes.

  • From the end of your big toe to the end of the shoe there should be approximately a thumb width gap.

    Or you can push your foot right to the front of the shoe and you must be able to slide your thumb between your heel and the shoe.

  • The shoe must fit comfortably around your foot it must not be to loose so that your foot moves around in it.
  • Take the shoes for a jog around the shop, make sure your heel doesn’t move up and down against the shoe and that it feels comfortable.

Bear in mind that the shoe will stretch slightly with wear and that it takes a few miles for the shoe to take the shape of your foot.

A good pair of running shoes will add tremendously to your running experience so choose carefully.

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