Walking to Lose Weight – Make Your Walk a Workout

Start walking to lose weight and this low impact exercise will have a high impact on your weight and fitness levels.

Find your stride

The key is to begin gently, you want to be able to walk regularly so don’t overdo it in the beginning. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, if you feel you can walk for 30 minutes, start at 20.

Rather than setting yourself a distance to walk, walk for a period of time. The simplest way to get going is to step out of your door and start walking.


Your aim don’t forget is walking for exercise, don’t just dawdle around the neighborhood. You need to set a pace you can assess with the talk test.

You breathing rate should be raised but you must be able to talk. If you cant, you are walking too fast.

Technical stuff

Concentrate on you posture, and breathe through each step. Walk tall but not stiff. Elongate your body and pull in your stomach muscles.

keep your head level, eyes straight ahead and lengthen your stride. Not too much so that you are over-stretched.

Pair up with a pal

Your more likely to stick with your walking if you team up with friends or a single buddy. alternatively join up to a walking club or go no guided walks.

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Whatever you do though, get started and start experiencing the benefits of being fitter and in better health.

Sure it’s probably going to be tough in the beginning, just keep going and after a few weeks you are going to see a huge difference in your weight and fitness levels.

Don’t give up

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