Good Running Shoes

Good Running Shoes Are The Most Important Part Of Your Kit

Good running shoes are the most important piece of equipment you will buy.

Buying the right shoe for you will make your running a pleasure so be careful when selecting a pair of running shoes and avoid injury.

Running shoes are made up of basically three parts:

  • The upper This is made from a combination of lightweight and durable materials and provides the foot with stability and a nice close fit,

    it also allows the foot to stay cool. Running with hot feet is a killer, you want to aviod this at all costs.

  • The midsole The most important part of the shoe. This part of the shoe provides cushioning and stability.Some manufacturers put air or gel into the midsole to add to the cushioning capabilities. A shoe with excellent cushioning capabilities is a pleasure to run in.
  • The outsole This is the layer with tread on and provides traction. Normally made from carbon rubber which is very durable. Make sure the shoes you buy have carbon rubber outsoles or they wont last very long.

    There are different kinds of running shoes, Buy Running Shoes
    for a short explanation on these.

    Make sure your shoe fits you properly.
    Good running shoes must fit properly
    , click this link for a guide on how to fit running shoes. Fitting running shoes are key to a good running routine. Check the fit carefully before you commit to a pair for your next marathon. If it doesn’t fit properly it could lead to blisters and other nasty injuries.

    Do not buy the latest fad in running shoe or buy a shoe that “everyone is running in”, get the shoe that’s right for you, this is very important to your running enjoyment.

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