Runners Injuries and Ailments Cures

Runners injuries and ailments, your sprint to the Finish line wasn’t fueled by personal best ambitions but by last nights curry.

Your next event you dash to the pharmacy, but once there, confusion. You reach for the pink stuff, wait,what about that pill I saw on tv. Wait, check out these tips for a better idea on what to do.

your feet itch and burn, how to fix this

Athletes foot is a fungal infection, it thrives in the moist areas like wet socks and locker room showers. Use a remedy with terbinafine or butenafine. Use a product like Lamisil AT or generic versions of this brand.

Your blisters so big it needs it’s own shoe

This is one of the top runners injuries and anything bigger than a 5c piece needs prodding or it could burst mid run and become infected. Sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol and prick the blister. Leave the piece of skin alone it acts like a natural band aid.

Apply an antibiotic ointment like Picadilly foot ointment or a generic brand.

Your nose is more congested than the starting line

Use a nasal spray containing oxymetazoline, it works immediately so you can use it just before you run. You can use nasal strips, these lift the side of your nose to improve your ability to breathe.

Your joints ache

Ice is the best remedy, frozen veggies, Voltaren gel or Deep heat rub will work. Decrease inflammation from the inside out, use a anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen or a generic equivalent.

Your stomach is the fastest runner at the race

Stomach woes can interfere with your run for a few reasons, watch what you eat the night before and don’t drink too much (water) before the race. Be careful of using anti diarrhea meds like Imodium. These can mask the effects of dehydration, rather use something like Buscopan or a generic.

Your heads pounding even before you pound the pavement

For head aches take acetaminophen rather than non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) before a run. NSAIDS decrease blood flow to the kidneys which regulate salt levels.

Becoming injured or developing running pain can be depressing. Check out foot pain relief for tips an techniques for self treatment of pain to get you back up and running.

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