A Runner Needs Specific Training To Improve Your Speed In The Hills

As a runner you need to add at least one hill training session per week to your schedule

Vary the terrain you train on as much as possible to use different muscles and recover faster. Try not to train in the hills all the time.

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There are different ways to tackle hill training

The most common is to go out on a 10k run, push the uphills and then recover on the downs and flats.

Their are drawbacks to this as the hills can be 100m to 1km long with no flat sections.

Not my choice of hill training as it’s not very effective.

The second way is to find a hill the right length and gradient. Then to run hard up and then jog slowly down, repeating 5 or 6 times. Your recovery time down should be about twice the time up.

Steeper hills build strength
Shallower hills build speed
Long hills build endurance and rhythm

The third way is to do hill repeats as above but to “bound” up the hill. This entails lifting your knees as high as possible and driving forward with each pace. Shorter hills are better for this as it is quite tiring.

Running downhill

Downhill training is worth including in your training schedule, particularly if you are racing a route with long downhills.

Concentrate on driving from your hips so that you roll from one forefoot to the other. When you get it right you won’t hear your feet touch the ground. It’s not easy to get right but when you do your downhill speed will increase dramatically.

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