Running For Weight Loss Tips And Advice That Will Work For You

You are considering running for weight loss as an option to control your weight, that’s great.

Please just remember it is just as unhealthy to be underweight as it is to be overweight. you want your weight to be stable and not go up and down all the time. If you are exercising regularly and eating properly your weight will stabilize.

Running to lose weight does work.

Running unlike the latest diet is not a quick fix solution to losing weight. You are in it for the long haul, your weight loss will be gradual. You may train and eat all the right foods for weeks without any visible results. Don’t worry, it will happen.

Looking for a decent eating plan?

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Lets take a look at the benefits of running for weight loss versus dieting.


  • With a diet you lose weight, but your body feels starved and there’s no long term plan to keep the weight off.
  • Although you lose weight, you are not fitter or much healthier.
  • Your still stressed (probably even more because now your hungry) and in a bad mood all the time.
  • Yup, you kick the dog, shout at the kids and your husband wishes you would just quit the diet and return to normal, sounds about right?


  • Start slowly, lose weight gradually, and because you are exercising you can actually eat more (the right foods of course). Your weight stabilizes and because Running is addictive your long term plan is in place.
  • Your health improves, you get fitter and stronger.
  • Running reduces stress, and releases endorphins into your system which make you feel good
  • The dog doesn’t run when he sees you, the kids are happy and your husband gets the improved version of you, sounds better doesn’t it?

Go and have a look at this article

5 ways to slim down forever,
follow these 5 simple rules to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Set goals for yourself Have short term goals (eg.weekly) and then your long term or end goal (eg. to have lost xxx amount of weight in 8 weeks.

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couch to 5k training program.
This is an 8 week training program to get you off the couch and then be able to run 5 kilometers without walking or stopping.

To get the maximum benefits out of your training program
you also need to eat properly.

Start now. No excuses, as the Nike slogan says:

Just Do It

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