Training for 10k – 6 Week 10k Training Program (Sub One Hour)

A 10K Training Program To Get Across The Line In Under An Hour

This 10k training program assumes that you have completed a few 5k’s and are averaging in the region of 20 to 25 km’s per week.

My 10k training program uses fartleks in it, if you are not familiar with this method of training


– what are fartleks and why use them in your 10k training program.

Pick 3 days each week for this training program. Ideally each day should be spaced a day apartment – so alternate days. Stick to this for 6 weeks, taking care to pay attention to any physical concerns and to not push yourself unduely. As always seek the advice of health professionals before embarking on a rigorous program.

10k Training Week 1

Day 1: Do 4 x 400m practice runs. Get your body in shape and into gear.

Day 2: Do a 5-k tempo run. Practice running up to speed.

Day 3: 10-k long run. You need to prepare yourself for the endurance a 10k run requires. Log your time and see how far you are from the sub one hour target.

10k Training Week 2

Day 1: Do 4 x 800m practice runs. Level up here.

Day 2: Do a 7-k tempo run. Push the endurance.

Day 3: 13-k long run. Practice the endurance needed for a longer run.

10k Training Week 3

Day 1: Do 3 x 1600m practice runs. This is the harder weak and a ramp up.

Day 2: Do a 8-k tempo run.

Day 3: 16-k long run. Even more.

10k Training Week 4

Day 1: Do 6 x 400m practice runs. Ramping down.

Day 2: Do a 10-k tempo run.

Day 3: 10-k long run.

10k Training Week 5

Day 1: Do 3 x 800m practice runs. Practice the endurance again

Day 2: Do a 5-k tempo run.

Day 3: 10-k long run. Practice the speed and the endurance.

10k Training Week 6

Day 1: Do 4 x 400m practice runs. Keep it nimble

Day 2: Do a 5-k tempo run.

Day 3: 10K ACTUAL. Let your hard training pay-off today!

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