Running Races – You Need to Prepare the Night Before

When running races you need to make sure that you prepare the night before.

Here’s a simple checklist to use to make sure you are not totally stressed out before you even get to the starting line.

  • Put your race number and license on your vest the night before.
  • Lay out your kit the night before that you are going to run in and put on in the morning , put your running shoes on when you get dressed to make sure you don’t leave them behind (done that!)
  • Make sure you know how to get to the race. Get a sat nav then you can never get lost.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get there, if it’s a big race you can expect heavy traffic
  • If you are using some sort of timing device put it onto your shoe the night before.

What to pack in your running bag

  • Sports drink for before and after the race, whatever your favorite is. I like to drink a chocolate milkshake after my race, I know it sounds weird but try it. Its full of carbs and tastes great.
  • Petroleum jelly or any other lube to apply just before you start
  • Plasters
  • A spare set of clothes and a towel.
  • Your watch, and pace band if you are using one
  • Gels or any other energy boosters you are going to use, and never use any kind of energy gel or bar that you have not used before. You could end up with a really nasty stomach and ruin your race totally.
  • Running belt if you are using one
  • Ipod and speakers
  • Lip balm and sunblock, even if it’s overcast you can still burn.
  • Running hat or cap and sunglasses

And last but not least,that positive, can do, never give up attitude.

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