Health And Nutrition Advice For Runners

Put That Burger Down: Health And Nutrition Tips To Lose Those Extra Pounds And Run Better

To benefit from my health and nutrition advice for runners you are going to have to cut down on all those burgers, pies and other junk foods (I love them too ) that although taste great have very little nutritional value.

You can run as many miles as you like but if you don’t change the way you eat you are wasting your time. You will find that if you change your diet your performance will increase drastically and you will enjoy your running a whole lot more.

Good nutrition for a runner generally means you need to eat more, but this means eating the right foods.

As you train it is best to experiment with various products/foods to see what agrees with your stomach and gives you the best results. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Try different foods but whatever you do don’t change your diet just before a race, this can have disastrous effects.

Nutrition is extremely important to get the most out of your running, You need to combine a healthy eating program with a good training program to get you lean and fast.

OK you can have the odd burger or pie, just don’t overdo it.

Here’s a general breakdown of the

Health and Nutrition Advice for Runners

food groups

and how they impact on you as a runner.

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Because you are a runner, one of the things you eat most are salads. Among the best Health And Nutrition Advice For Runners I have heard is to incorporate salads into your diet. Just below this you will find a link to a recipe book packed with hundreds of salad recipes.Feel free to download the book in pdf format, and enjoy.

Simply click on the book and save to your computer.

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