Half Marathon Training Programs To Get You Fitter, Faster And Stronger

The half marathon training Although still challenging is not as tough as the full marathon training.

This is a really great distance to race at, just as you start getting tired the end is in sight.

For this reason it has become the most popular race distance in recent years. Covering the 21.1 kilometers or 13.1 miles is still no easy task, following my 10 week training programs will get your body ready for the demands of a 21km race.

What I like about these training programs is that they offers a bit of variety and not just grinding out kilometer after kilometer at the same pace.

Running the same route day after day at the same pace will not increase performance, use these training programs to get faster and stronger over this distance.

Please note these programs assume the following:

  • You are able to train between 30 to 35km per week minimum
  • You are totally injury free
  • You have successfully completed a 10k race

Make sure you

fuel up for a few days,
before and remember to drink enough during the race. Although this distance is not that long you will need to take on some fluids. Also a good idea to do some sort of carbo loading before the race.

Try to start slow and increase speed as you go, run the second half of the race faster than the first. If you can manage to do this, you will definitely run a good time

Good Luck, but most of all enjoy your race.

10 week training program

3 day per week 10 week training schedule

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