Running Tips and Exercise Programs

When running here are the fifteen important laws that you should follow. Most of these laws were identified by Arthur Newton who is undoubtedly one of the leading authorities on distance training

Train frequently

If at all possible, all year round, get a treadmill for those bad weather days.

Start gradually

Start slowly and gently and build distance over a period of time.

Distance then speed

First you train for distance and then later on for speed.

Don’t set a daily schedule

Set a goal for weekly mileage you want to do and not daily. Listen to your body, if you are having a bad day take a break.

Alternate days

Train with alternate hard and easy days, don’t push as hard as you can all the time, you will burn out.

Get more for less

Try to reach your goal with the least amount of effort.

A Running Training Program Should Be Based On These Important Laws Of Training

Don’t race while you train

A lot of people want to achieve a personal best every time they go out. Unless you actually Superman it can’t be done.

Train specifically

Your program should be specifically for the distance you want to race at. To run short distances at speed all the time won’t do for a marathon.

Base training and peaking

Get your base and peak at the right time before a race.

Don’t over train

Listen to your body again!!

Use a coach

If possibly try coaching. A coach can get you further a lot quicker.


Rest up before a race, this means do nothing. Take one or two days rest before your race.

Focus the mind

Focus on the job at hand, plan your race in your head and stick to your plan on race day.


Keep a log book, it keeps you motivated and tracks progress.

Holism of training

Understand the bigger overall picture of what you are trying to achieve.

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