How To Run Faster? Check Out These Tips To Get Faster In No Time At All

You can learn how to run faster regardless of your natural athletic ability or lack thereof. You can improve your speed relative to your own ability.

If you have been running marathons and are now looking to run the shorter racesHere are some tips to get you faster over the shorter distances

Shorten your long run

Normally a marathon runner would do a long run on the weekend. These long runs will be in about 20 miles long, taking the runner about 2 to 3 hours to complete.Keep the long run but cut it down to around 15 miles and up your pace slightly.

Decrease your weekly mileage

The further you run each week, the slower your run will be. Cutting your mileage will let you run fresh and faster. Two ways of cutting down on your mileage is to decrease the distance of your daily run or to take more rest days.

How To Run Faster – Shift Up A Gear

Go and race at shorter distances

Go and do a 5 or 10k race and don’t hold back. Race the distance at a good pace. You can’t however suddenly start doing 800m races on the track. Be cautious, your body is not used to sudden bursts of speed.

Shift the focus of your training

Instead of doing one speed session a week go to two. On your interval training sessions make your repeats shorter between 200 and 400m.

Go back to the track

Go and watch the sprinters train, no don’t train with them. The track has specific measured distances and you will be able to monitor your progress at these set distances. Track work also gives you a break from the road.

Set realistic goals

Don’t try and work your marathon time back to say a 5k, it doesn’t work. Set yourself a goal you know you can achieve. Once you have got there set the next one and so on.

If or when you decide to move back up to marathon distance you will find that you will automatically run faster. A good idea is to get off the marathon circuit once in a while and do some speed training. Both your body and your mind will be grateful.

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